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 I’ve always been a bit of a homebody. I love to be social but there is something about being in a clean cozy house with candles going and good music being in my own little world that’s always made me happy. And to me a candle has always been a part of Those good days.

I made my first candle in 2003 on a history field trip to historic settlement town and my job with candle maker, I just thought it was so cool it was simple and took time but it was also artistic and relaxing and that was my first taste.

I made my first set in 2016 and gave them to my friends as gifts but definitely needed to gain more education and experience (gotta love supportive friend) the candles were not the best but the feeling that it gave me was still the same as the first time I made them in 2003.

During 2020 we all had a lot more time on our hands and lots of time at home and one thing that always made home was how it smelled. So while I was quarantined with my mom In Las Vegas, I told her I wanted to open a candle boutique and she was like go for it my parents have always been super supportive and that definitely gave me confidence but I was still scared we were in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and I was furlough with no job but I trusted that God would lead the way and I always believe that faith is seen In action and not In words. So I went for it. And Some Goof JuJu LLC was born June 6, 2020 and launch June 26th.

I started to buy selling some of my favorite candles from still some of my favorite companies and then in September, I launch my signature collection my first candle being 56th street a dedication Candle to my Grandparents and family that’s still my favorite and a fan favorite.


Some Good Juju is a candle and lifestyle e-boutique that makes candles for the Enthusiast.

Here at “Good JuJu” I have curated handcrafted, unique aromas experience made with a proprietary coconut wax blend. All aromas are carcinogens and phthalate-free oils that are unique, sophisticated, and created using refined fragrance oils + pure essential oils sourced worldwide. The oils are created by master perfumers for a luxury candle experience like no other.

We are known for our unique blends like our 56th Street candle and Sweetness taboo.

We offer wholesale and private labeling along with custom sent blends for our candles along with wax melts and body products and herbal tea’s.

Sent has always been my closest grab on memories. From 56th Street, which reminds me of my grandparents’ home or P.T.O, that lets me know you don’t have to leave to getaway. Each candle has a story, an experience, or an aspiration that I have had. I hope that these candles are part of your new scent playlist for your adventures and memorable moments in your life. I believe candles can set any vibe with the right scent.

I want readers to know that Some Good Juju is always about uplifting your space and mood we want to be a part of your scent playlist.