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A fine of up to $2,000.00 may be assessed for each infraction of the Houston Fire Department fire code.

Candle permits will need to be obtained from the City of Houston Fire Marshall for the use of unapproved candles for any event an inspector might be required to be on-site for the entirety of the contracted event time.

Candle permitting can be obtained at the Houston Fire Department Logistics office located at: 1205 Dart Street, 77007; contact phone number: 713-247-8557.
Permit pricing per the Houston Fire Department:

  • Fire Marshall/Inspector $280 (four hour event time)
  • Additional Hour $62.50
  • Temporary Candle Permit $75
  • Processing Fee $10

Some Good JuJu LLC does NOT provide permitting services for candle permits or standby fire watch.

Some Good JuJu does provide candle packages that adhere to all HFD regulations at additional cost. Ask your sales manager for details.

Some Good Juju and venue manager must receive a copy of the authorized “Flame Certificate” for all linens and drapery no later than two weeks before the event date. Setup and use will be denied.

The following are excerpts regarding open burning and recreational fires within the corporate limits of the City of Houston which must be in accordance with the City of Houston fire code and this standard.

308.3.2 Location near combustibles. Open flames such as from candles, lanterns, kerosene heaters and gas-fired heaters shall not be located on or near decorative material or similar combustible materials.

308.3.3 Aisles and exits. Candles shall be prohibited in areas where occupants stand, or in an aisle or exit.


16.9.1 Candles and Other Open-flame Decorative Devices. General.
The use of candles and other open-flame decorative devices shall be in accordance the Fire Code and this standard. Permits and standby fire-watch may be required by the Code Official for public assembly activities, events and theatrical performances where candles and other open-flame devices are to be used. Information and permits shall be obtained at the City of Houston Permit Office, 3300 Main Street; 77002; telephone: 713-535-7897. Candles and other open-flame decorative devices.
The use of candles and other open-flame decorative devices at The Bell Tower shall be in accordance with the Fire Code and this standard:

  1. Classes I and II flammable liquids and LP-gas shall not be used.
  2. Liquid or solid-fueled lighting devices containing more than 8 ounces must self extinguish and not leak fuel at a rate of more than ¼ teaspoon per minute if tipped over.
  3. The devices or holder shall be constructed to prevent the spillage of liquid fuel or wax at the rate of more than ¼ teaspoon per minute when the device or holder is not in an upright position.
  4. The device or holder shall be designed so that it will return to the upright position after being tilted to an angle of 45 degrees from vertical.
    Exception: Units that self-extinguish if tipped over and do not spill fuel or wax at the rate of more than ¼ teaspoon per minute if tipped over.
  5. The flame shall be enclosed except as follows:
            a.Openings on the side shall not be more than 3/8 inch diameter.
            b.Openings on the top and the distance to the top shall be such that a piece of tissue paper placed on the top will not ignite in 10 seconds.
  6. Chimneys shall be made of noncombustible materials. Such chimneys shall be securely attached to the open-flame device.
  7. Exception: The chimney need not be attached to any open-flame device that will self- extinguish if the device is tipped over.
  8. Fuel canisters shall be safely sealed for storage.
  9. Storage and handling of combustible liquids shall be in accordance with Fire Code.
  10. Shades, if used, shall be made of noncombustible materials and securely attached to the open-flame device holder or chimney.
  11. Candelabras with flame-lighted candles shall be securely fastened in place to prevent overturning and located away from occupants using the area and away from possible contact with drapes,curtains or other combustibles. Religious ceremonies.
When, in the opinion of the Code Official, adequate safeguards have been taken, participants in religious ceremonies are allowed to carry handheld candles. Handheld candles shall not be passed from one person to another while lighted. Theatrical performances.
When approved, open-flame devices used in conjunction with theatrical performances are allowed to be used when adequate safety precautions have been taken. General precautions for candle use.
Candles and open flame decorative devices should not be placed on or near combustible materials, including table or desk tops, and should be placed so as not to be subject to accidental overturning. Flame tips should not reach beyond lip of container or holder. Candles not within a container or holder shall be safeguarded from accidental contact with, or hot wax spillage onto, any combustible materials.